One officer dismissed after giving false account of Kingsley Burrells death

The hearing for three officers facing gross misconduct allegations following the death of Kingsley Burrell in 2011 reached its conclusion on today (Tuesday 18 December). 

An independent panel found allegations of gross misconduct were proven against PC Paul Adey (39). He was found to have breached the standards and professional behaviour specifically honesty and integrity. As for PCs Mark Fannon (47) and 52-year-old Paul Greenfield they were not proven guilty. Adey was dismissed from the force without notice.

The officers were previously found not guilty at court in October 2017 of misleading the 2015 inquest into the circumstances of Kingsley Burrell’s death four years earlier. 

Mr Burrell, from Walsall, died in hospital on 31 March 2011 having suffered a heart attack.

He had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act on 27 March 2011 and transferred to hospital three days later after police were called to a disturbance involving the 29-year-old 

The 2015 inquest concluded neglect by police, paramedics and hospital staff played a part in his death – and that a covering, put over Mr Burrell’s head as he’d spat at paramedics during his transfer, should have been removed but was kept in place even after he’d been moved to a seclusion room. 

PCs Adey, Fannon and Greenfield – response officers all involved in the incident – told the inquest they couldn’t recall if Mr Burrell’s head had been covered. 

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) later charged all three with perjury and perverting the course of justice amid claims they lied while giving that evidence – but a jury at Birmingham Crown Court cleared them on all counts.

“The misconduct hearing was carried out by a panel independent of West Midlands Police chaired by DCC Mike Colbourne of Bedfordshire Police and we thank them for their careful deliberation.

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